Frosty Fields and all that!

26th January 2012
The new site here is up & running although not quite finished as I continue the great eternal and internal debate about photo sizing, video embedding etc. Im living & learning steeply with all this (new to me) internet presentation, but I hope you like the look of the place so far! The sales links will be up and running very soon. If you see a print you might like before the site goes properly live, then please Contact me or by email at:

Some other photography this month has included plenty of football photography with some fine local matches at Weston Atheletic ground for the local papers. Ive discovered that I dont actually need to learn the 'offside rule' provided the action shots are good.

And a football shot Weston Athletic v. Milkwall at the weekend!

Also a lovely gig at Bristol Folk House by Michael Weston King whose new album 'My Darling Clementine' is getting some great and well deserved reviews.

The Forest weather is being exceptionally mild here this January, as for the past few years we've had up to 8inches of the snowy stuff at a time. There were a few days of frost last weekend however, so it was up at the crack of dawn and off down to the River Wye near Lydbrook for some of those early morning misty shots by the waters edge. Beautiful light in places once I'd given up haring around in the car in search of the sun penetrating the mist at a perfect angle, and settled on what was actually there rather than what wasn't. These early morning forays are the stuff dreams are made from, but bitterly slippery and falling in the R.Wye with a Nikon camera isn't such a great idea! Still, the boots held; and Ive posted a few misty river photos in the Winter Gallery.

An then of course the recent Northern Lights, an event which Ive been anticipating almost as much as I dared. As usual, the promise of a photographic Christmas was steeped in a blanket of cloud, although the eerie glow in the Northern sky looked as tho' an unplanned neon city had just been erected in the yonder Herefordshire hills...but I saw them!! Two episodes of green streamers snaking their way through the heavens. A fifty year wait - but it was worth it! The photos came out looking like William Turner on valium and I missed the streaks, but the camera knew there was something there. Have made a mental note to take this seriously and visit Norway before I die!
ps. Whoops - Its just started snowing! Noticed recently that the kids desire to play in the stuff has wained somewhat!

"A man's life is colored by the dye of his imagination."
Louis Nizer

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