Wedding Packages

First of all, if you have recently become engaged..Congratulations! and Thank You for visiting this Web Page.

Please scroll down this page to find details about packages and bespoke items for your Wedding or Civil Partnership Ceremony, and also some FAQ's with examples of my wedding photography below. These may be helpful when deciding on the best type of photo shoot for your special day. If you would like to get in touch to discuss your plans for photography at your wedding I'd love to hear from you, and will do my best to provide natural, friendly and relaxed photos and products to suit your needs and budget. The 'packages' are meant as price guides to give an indication.... these can always be adjusted to suit your requirements.

To get in touch please use the Contact Box or alternatively give me call on 01594 860062.

Lots more wedding photos are viewable on my BLOG Page

I will always meet you first to discuss your specific plans, so please rest assured that your day will be treated as a 'bespoke' occasion - whichever package you decide!
I can happily accomodate unusual requests, and I am quite prepared to 'mix and match' final products & prints to your requirements, and provide you with an individual quote/s for these. A list of 'Extras' is provided further down this page as a guide.
Although different packages are available including photobooks; I understand that many people may have a fixed budget for wedding photography, and if you would like to let me know what your budget is, please feel free to do so and I will tell you what is possible. - I can also cover a bespoke number of 'shooting' hours if you prefer and my prices here would run from £250 onwards.

Please Telephone me on 01594 860062
or use the Contact Box and we can go from there!

Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you!

A Simple Photography Package can cover anything you wish it to during a 4 hour slot. It is an ideal solution for smaller weddings with fewer guests, or where the ceremony and reception are held at the same venue or within a small distance. As an indication I will usually take around 300 photos from which to create a good selection for your printing needs. If you would then like to add 'extras,' please scroll down see details at the bottom of this page.

The Classic and Premium Packages are for a wider coverage of your special day - capturing all the key moments, and can include any parts of the ceremony and reception you specify at different venues. They will provide a fuller coverage, and often can be 'split' between venues including Bridal dressing with close up pictures of the rings and flowers etc. and with general venue photos too. Formal photos of guests, cake cutting and then reception coverage later on. These packages are firm favorites, which will provide a large variety of different scenes for a wonderful print selection or album.

The Diamond Package is a large package which will cover your entire day - virtually from dawn til dusk and thereafter. It is also entirely bespoke and includes an informal location pre-ceremony shoot or more formal studio type photos if you prefer on another day of your choosing for the couple to celebrate their engagement. I can suggest a beautiful location, or please feel free to choose a place which is personally special.

Wedding Product Extras

Frequently Asked Questions

Help - Can you take last minute bookings? - We've been let down or decided to elope!
Yes! Will do my best to provide you with any package you choose. Please Phone 01594 860062. I'd be delighted to hear from you. (And if I'm already booked I can certainly help you find another photographer to cover).

What sort of photos can you take?
I enjoy any type of 'people photography' and believe that a good photographer should be able to take virtually anything. Your wedding shoot includes both formal photography, and candid 'documentary' style photos. Whilst the day is centred around the couple, I also love taking photos of any children and pets, or indeed the groom, best man and their friends having fun, and find that these extra shots provide a really special and colourful touch to a days coverage. If you book a larger package the evenings disco or similar can be a time to really get the action shots!

Are guests allowed to take photos too?
Yes,of course they are! The only thing I ask is that as the booked photographer I'm able to take the shots that are required. For instance somebody leaping into the aisle just as the rings are exchanged with a cameraphone might 'photobomb' a carefully planned one-off shot. To date Ive never had a problem and found most guests are respectful of this, but its worth considering especially during the more formal photos.

I have different ideas for my photos - Can you accomodate?
Yes of course. I always meet with a couple prior to the wedding to discuss and exchange ideas so we can feel relaxed and happy in each others company when the day comes. I will give practically anything my best shot, and have had experience of many different types of photography, so switching between them to create a more diverse range of photographs is something that I particually enjoy doing. It helps to create a more individual personality to each wedding, that really makes a sucessful day....If you have anything planned out of the norm then please try me!

Do you need feeding?
Yes please! - as shooting a long day without food can be exhausting, and a starving photographer doesn't always get the best photos. However I'm not a guest and I am here to work, and I will not expect to invite myself for a sit down meal nor intrude on your privacy. I usually take a break while your guests are enjoying their meal, and a plate of buffet food or similar would be wonderful. I dont touch alcohol while I'm working, so please dont worry about about bar costs, and I can always bring sandwiches!

Can you travel?
Yes, no problem. The first 40 miles are included in the package prices. I usually charge 35p per mile thereafter. Huge distances will attract extra cost but I can go anywhere on this earth.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I have 6 figure liability insurence.

Do you take video?
No, I prefer to do what I know best. However I can produce a wonderful Stills Video presentation using the photo collection you choose synched with music to create for you a DVD of your wedding day. This is a lovely way to present a permanent momento for family & friends to treasure. Please see details below.

What happens if something happens and you or I need to cancel?
Obviously nobody can expect plain sailing in our lives and we'll always agree a contract beforehand. I usually ask for a £100 deposit when the shoot is booked and the balance as payment in advance at least a week before your big day. (The deposit is taken off the final quoted price).
If you need to change the date of your ceremony then this can usually be accommodated without too many problems.
Once deposit is paid your date is then fully reserved, and I will not accept any other clients for that date.
If you need to cancel completely, I'm sorry but I cannot return the deposit, but if I need to cancel then it will of course be refunded in full. However, I would also do my utmost to ensure that a replacement photographer will be available on the day. I usually make up a contract for us both to sign so that we can agree terms and all be happy with them before the wedding itself.

Do you have an assistant?
Yes, usually for weekend weddings my husband comes along to help with the camera gear etc. For Large weddings I can use a second shooter also which will provide an amazing collection of different photos to choose from. If there is a guest available who would be able to act as a temporary marshal just during the formal photos this would be greatly appreciated.

Do you edit every photo? And what about retouching?
Will the images be edited before presentation?
All images are individually assessed for colour and tone, and edited appropriately. Blemishes and distractions of chosen images are then taken care of before final presentation. If fine art prints or albums are ordered, a little more editing will go into the selected images.

How many photographs make a storybook album?
We normally choose between 80 and 90 pictures for the standard 30-page album. However, if you need more than 90 images or to make a second album I can quote you seperately. Usually the albums will take between 2-4 weeks to produce and deliver after the photos have been chosen.

What other printed product options are there?
There is a huge range of beautiful and lasting presentation options. Parent’s albums and coffee table books, fine art prints, framed prints and wall decors as well as DVD Storybooks. I can also arrange printing for practically any product you would like to see your pictures on, but will need to quote seperatley for this. The actual prices will depend on the number of prints, and the types and sizes etc. Full details are available on request.

Can you take portraits too?
Yes I will be able to take either Lifestyle, Sports or Formal and Informal portraits and am available to help. Please see ideas in other areas of this website which can be blended into your totally individual and personal style.